Case Results

Never assume a case is lost no matter how damning the evidence may seem. The legal system is as straightforward as it may seem, even people who have confessed are often able to obtain successful case outcomes if it can be proven that their confession was coerced or unreliable. At The Law Office of A. Randall Haas, our Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney has vigorously fought to protect our clients' rights, freedoms, and reputations. Read about some of our more notable cases below and find out for yourself the difference skilled and aggressive legal representation can make.

    • Armed Kidnapping And Armed Robbery Not Guilty.

      Alleged that client, along with a co-defendant, forced a man to walk to another location and, at gunpoint, robbed him of his belongings. Facing life prison sentence. Client confessed on tape to the police. Mr. Haas succeeded in convincing the judge to throw out the confession. Co-defendant testified at trial for the prosecution. Mr. Haas argued that the co-defendant lacked credibility and should not be believed.

    • Armed Robbery With Firearm (Two Victims) Not Guilty.

      Alleged that client, along with a co-defendant, broke into a house where a high stakes card game was being played, robbing the participants at gunpoint. Facing a life prison sentence. Both victims knew client and positively identified him. Mr. Haas submitted evidence that his client could not have been the robber because of his work schedule.

    • Attempted Felony Murder In The First Degree. Not Guilty.

      Alleged that client and his co-defendant beat the victim with baseball bats while robbing him. Facing possible life sentence. At trial, Mr. Haas emphasized the inconsistencies in the victim’s statements to the jury, arguing that the testimony of the victim was unreliable and that the victim was mistaken as to the identity of his attackers.

    • Battery On A Law Enforcement Officer No Jail, No Felony Conviction.

      Client accused of spitting on police officer. Based on criminal history, client faced five year prison sentence. Client made charitable contribution in exchange for plea to misdemeanor.

    • DUI Case Dismissed.

      Case prosecuted as felony based on three prior convictions,. Client arrested after tip to police that car drifting and driving in the wrong lane of traffic. Client unable to perform roadside tests. Breath test over two times legal limit. Motion to suppress granted-all evidence thrown out.

    • Lewd & Lascivious Conduct In The Presence Of A Child Not Guilty.

      Alleged that client stood in his garage and masturbated in presence of teenage girl. Facing a lengthy term of incarceration as well as being labeled a sex offender. Doctor testified that client suffered from enlarged prostate causing actions to resemble lewd and lascivious act. Mr. Haas argued reasonable doubt as to his client’s guilt.

    • Possession Of Oxycodone And Possession Of Marijuana Case Dismissed.

      Client parked in car when police approached and saw drugs in door pocket. Post-arrest, police searched client’s purse and found oxycodone. Client confessed to ownership of all drugs. Motion to suppress granted–all evidence thrown out.

    • Possession Of Oxycodone And Possession Of Marijuana Case Dismissed.

      Client parked in car when police approached and saw drugs in door pocket. Post-arrest, police searched client’s purse and found oxycodone. Client confessed to ownership of all drugs. Motion to suppress granted–all evidence thrown out.

    • Premeditated Murder And Attempted Premeditated Murder Not Guilty.

      Client allegedly observed by five eye-witnesses to fire a gun at both victims. State persuaded to waive death penalty. At trial, credibility of the five eye-witnesses challenged. Emphasized in inconsistencies in testimony of witnesses and poor investigation by police.

    • Robbery With A Firearm Not Guilty.

      Client accused of robbing victim at gunpoint. Victim claimed to recognize client from numerous previous encounters. Identified client multiple times after incident including photo lineup. Facing 10-year mandatory and potential life sentence, client raised alibi defense through sworn testimony of family members. Attorney used 911 recording to discredit ID by victim.

    • Second Degree Murder Not Guilty.

      Numerous eye-witnesses observed client fire several shots at unarmed victim. Facing mandatory twenty-five years to life in prison. Testimony from eye-witnesses. Client testified on his own behalf. Argued that client acted in self-defense.

    • Sexual Battery On A Minor Not Guilty.

      Client was young man accused of having sexual relations with teenage girl misrepresenting her age. Facing a mandatory twenty-five years in prison. Client confessed to police believing that he would not be arrested because the girl lied about her age. Consent defense not allowed because of girl’s age. Mr. Haas showed the jury inconsistencies between client’s recorded statement and girl’s version of events . Argued that confession coerced by police.

    • Sexual Battery With Force; Burglary With Battery Not Guilty.

      Client alleged to have broken into young girl’s bedroom window and forcibly raped her. Girl testified that she did not know client and had never met him. Facing life prison sentence and labeled as sexual offender. Proved that girl knew client, let him in through her window and sexual relations were consensual. Argued that girl was upset when her boyfriend discovered her betrayal and she fabricated allegations.

    • Trafficking In Cannabis (> 25 Lbs) Charges Voluntarily Dismissed

      Traffic stop of client by narcotics detective resulted in seizure of over 25 pounds of marijuana found in trunk of client’s car as well as $15,000.00 cash and client’s new Infiniti M45. Currency and car subjected to forfeiture. Client facing 3-year mandatory and up to 30 years prison on criminal charges. Attorney Haas argued to state attorney (handling criminal case) and sheriff’s lawyer (handling forfeiture) that traffic stop was illegal and that all evidence arising thereafter was tainted and subject to suppression. State attorney and forfeiture attorney agreed.

      Case Result: Criminal charges voluntarily dismissed by state and all money and car returned to client by sheriff’s office.

    • Trafficking In Ecstasy Not Guilty.

      Client, a student, had no criminal history. Facing a maximum of thirty years, minimum mandatory three years prison. Client sold hundred Ecstasy pills to informant working with police. Numerous recorded telephone calls between client and informant. Hand-to-hand transaction with undercover police officer. Recorded confession by client. Jury convinced that his client entrapped.

    • Trafficking In Oxycodone (Over 28g) Motion to suppress pills granted

      Client accused of possessing over twenty-eight grams of oxycodone pills without valid prescription and with intent to sell or distribute. Client arrested at pharmacy while attempting to fill illegally obtained prescription. Police notified by pharmacy employee. Client arrested inside pharmacy. Search incident to arrest resulted in seizure of pills as well as currency and client’s car, both of which became subject of forfeiture action by sheriff.

      Case Result: Motion to suppress pills seized by police granted by Court. Secured return of client’s car. Upon filing of appellate brief, most of currency seized by police also returned to client.