"Must Love Cats" Craigslist Posting For Open Room Leads Fort Lauderdale Detectives To Child-Porn Suspect

After a couple had moved into Douglas Westcott’s, 55, available bedroom that was posted on craigslist, it quickly became clear that Westcott really liked cats. A lot. This wasn’t necessarily a surprise to the couple, as the ad for the sublet read, “must love cats,” but what was a surprise to authorities (who executed a search warrant of Westcott’s home) was the amount and condition of the felines.

Crime Stoppers received a tip on July 25 about a person named “Doug” who was suspected of having a “filing cabinet full of pictures of naked children in his house.” Upon investigation on Wednesday, September 12th, detectives discovered “several pictures involving sexual conduct of a child.” Westcott was taken into custody for possession-of-child pornography charges.

Along with the child pornography, detectives discovered four freezers full of dead cats. A total of 70 frozen cats were found, each packaged in plastic and aluminum wrap. All of the cat’s were labeled with their name, date of birth and date, as well as messages like, “Rest in Peace.”

Detectives also counted over 2 dozen live cats living at Westcott’s residence. Yesterday another cat was discovered, totalling 29 live cats. Westcott did not want to surrender his cats, so Animal Care and Control will need to get a judge’s permission to take the cats from the property.

The couple first discovered the collection of child porn when Westcott went out. Westcott told them a certain bedroom was off limits, and that they were not allowed in. When Westcott left, the couple went “snooping” in the room. It didn’t take long for them to find the lewd pictures.

Wescott remains in custody.

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