Drug Dealer Tries To Elude Police, Bribes Woman To Hide Him

An accused drug dealer tried to elude police officers by running through an apartment complex and swimming through a canal before entering an apartment and offering its occupant cash to hide him.

The pursuit began when an undercover officer called the man in order to buy heroin. The deal went smoothly, and the officer then followed him to an apartment complex nearby where the man sold drugs to a woman. When the officer went to arrest him, the man slammed into the officers car with his own. He then fled on foot. An officer was able to grab his leg, but the man kicked him and ran off.

He jumped the wall to the apartment complex and swam through a canal that was blocking his way. After officers lost sight of him, they began getting calls about a man trying to break into apartments. He was able to enter an apartment through an unlocked sliding door, where he offered the woman $2,000 to hide him. She instead called the police. The man surrendered shortly after.

Officers found a bag of cocaine in the man's left shoe, which came off when he kicked the officer. They also found marijuana on his driver's seat. The man now faces burglary, drug, resisting arrest and hit and run charges.