Florida Metro Area Has No Crime

It’s seems crazy to even imagine, but there is a fast-growing metro area in Florida that has not had a single report of crime, has no traffic, and no pollution. What is this utopia? A hint – no kids allowed.

“It’s like an adult Disney World,” states Jerry Conkle, a 77 year-old about The Villages, which is the ever-expanding retirement community he lives in. The Villages population has increased from 110,000 – quadrupling since 2000. Regulating everything from how long children can stay, to how many pet fish a resident can have, The Villages seems to have figured out the equation to the “happily ever after” every retiree desires.

For the rest of us, though, The Villages’ lax lifestyle seems merely impossible. A recent study discovered that Florida is home to 11 out of 100 of the U.S. most dangerous cities. Unfortunately, crime in Florida is something that won’t be resolved by counting the number of fish a resident owns. Nonetheless, a great deal can be learned from The Villages. As life expectancy increases, places like The Village will most likely raise in popularity. In fact, the UN projects that by 2047 the world’s elderly will outnumber the number of children for the first time ever.

Understanding the basic principles of The Village may help to persuade us to think/react differently to Florida crime. The Golden rule, do on to others as you like done on to you, seems to be prevalent way of thinking at The Villages.