Car Thief Hits Patrol Car Before Fleeing on Foot

A Coral Springs man who stole a Mustang at gunpoint slammed it into a patrol car, carport and palm tree before attempting to flee on foot.

The man allegedly stole the Mustang from a woman who left it running in a parking lot as she talked to friends. She told deputies that when she saw the man approach her car, she walked up to him, but he pointed a black handgun at her and told her to back up. He got in the car and drive away. Police used GPS to track the car.

The Mustang was found in the driveway of an abandoned home. When the man got in the car to back out of the driveway, deputies blocked him in. He then rammed into one patrol car, the carport and then the tree before getting out and trying to flee on foot.

The accused refused to give his name, but fingerprints identified him. He was on probation for first degree attempted murder.