Greenacres Brothers Charged with Attempted Murder

Two brothers from Greenacres face attempted murder charges after a machete attack on Sunday.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, a family argument led the brothers to attack a 40-year-old Lake Worth man. They followed him from a Lake Worth club and cornered him in the backyard of a nearby home. The brothers were scared off when the homeowner’s lights came on, but not before they allegedly inflicted life-threatening wounds on the victim.

The man told deputies that the dispute stems from the brother’s belief that he killed their 7-year-old cousin in Honduras with a machete. When the brothers were tracked down and questioned, one told police the attack was a result of an argument in the club and that the man had stabbed him. His story did not match with video surveillance, and his injuries were consistent with ones he had from a fall that were treated at a West Palm Beach hospital. Both brothers are charged with attempted first degree murder and are being held without bail.