South Florida Church Hosts Prayer Rally For Ferguson

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you are likely aware of the recent happenings in a small Missouri town, Ferguson, where a young black man, Mike Brown, was fatally shot August 9th by a white Ferguson police officer. Since the shooting, the town of Ferguson has been in an uproar — protests, looting, tear gas, law enforcement, etc. A Fort Lauderdale church has reacted to the mayhem, and invited the public and law enforcement agencies from South Florida to a rally to pray for peace. The rally took place yesterday, Thursday August 28th.

A Broward school board member and teacher at New Mount Olive Baptist Church, Rosalind Osgood, spoke about the events. “I’m seeing hopelessness with black boys,” Osgood said. “Protesters, looters and law enforcement officers should be talking about peace, not retaliation. Children mimic what we do.”

While Osgood believes that there is still a lot to be revealed about Mike Brown’s death, she believes that the shootings must stop. She said, “…we want the shooting to stop. Killing can’t be the answer. It’s not going to move us forward as a nation.”

“This prayer vigil is an alternative and offers a positive response to the simmering emotions and hatred and anger that people are feeling,” Osgood said. “We have to be able to come together, even at times like this, to stand for peace.”

The prayer rally was held from from 6pm to 8pm last Thursday night and was held by senior pastor, Dr. Marcus Davidson at New Mount Olive Baptist Church (400 NW Ninth Ave.).

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