New Product On Market Used To Catch Fort Lauderdale Criminals

There’s a new tool on the market to help catch criminals in Florida called SmartWater. Fort Lauderdale was the first city to test out the product, and Smartwater representative states, “”Ft. lauderdale being where we first initiated our pilot program, we’ve seen a reduction of 26% in residential burglaries.”


SmartWater is liquid that is forensically-encoded. The cost for the kit (which includes a vial of SmartWater, a black light, warning stickers and signs) ranges from $99 to $199 to purchase. The process is extremely simple. When a person receives their personal vial of SmartWater, they dab the clear liquid on all of their valuables. The liquid dries clear, but under black light makes a unique chemical “signature” or marking that will lead the belonging back to it’s rightful owner.

“We’ll take a sample of that, send it to the Smartwater lab and they will send the results back, [identifying] you as being the specific owner of that property,” Sheriff David Lain stated, after handing out SmartWater vials out to senior citizens in Porter County, Ind.

The liquid is not only colorless but is also odorless, which makes it an effortless tactic for consumers to implement in order to combat burglaries. Recently Fort Lauderdale police set up a sting where a thief tried to steal a woman’s purse from the backseat of her car. Suspect Michael Jackson was sprayed with SmartWater, which allowed Fort Lauderdale officers to link him to the specific car and crime. Jackson’s case will be the first one to test out SmartWater as evidence in court.

Concerns with New “Crime Liquid”

While it seems that SmartWater could help fight crime, there are still many issues with the product. DePaul Law School Professor Monu Bedi stated, “I think there’s a number of issues involved before it’s going to get accepted as part of a criminal trial,” he continued, “[Courts] will look at what’s the error rate of this product; does it really match up uniquely with each individual owner?”

Bedi is also concerned that the product may affect innocent people who unknowingly buy the stolen property, in turn becoming suspects of the crime. “It might create problems for people who are completely innocent,” Bedi says.

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