Fort Lauderdale Recovery Center Holds Monthly Meetings For Alumni

A couple of months ago Fort Lauderdale's Cornerstone Recovery Center announced that it will hold a monthly event for the alumni of the drug rehab center. The center is hoping that this approach will help those dealing with addiction recovery.

Held the second week of each month, alumni are able to reconvene and discuss their continuing journey. The first meeting was held on June 13th, and went smoothly. It seemed like many of the alums were happy to reconnect with those they started their life of sobriety with. Not only can alums attend, but if the fit the requirements, are able to volunteer as a speaker. This opportunity allows many recovering addicts to feel empowered, and help others with their stories. In order to qualify as a speaker, the recovering addict must:

  • Â Be clean and sober
  • Have a sponsor
  • Must be working the steps
  • Must be a Cornerstone Alumni
  • Find a speaker for the next Alumni meeting

Cornerstone and other Rehabilitation centers who hold similar meetings are helping addicts receive the proper attention and treatment they need to stabilize.

Punishment vs. Treatment

Almost half of federal prisons are populated by those who committed drug crimes. Drug trafficking exists in most prisons; addicts are being punished (and accessing drugs), rather than being offered treatment. Once out of prison, the addicts that haven't been treated are more likely to return to prison on similar drug convictions.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse; Most people in State prisons and local jails have abused drugs or alcohol regularly. However, less than one-fifth of these offenders received treatment while incarcerated.

Cornerstone Recovery understand the need for continual addiction recovery treatment for relapse prevention. An addict isn't fixed after being released from prison, or after graduating a recovery program it takes constant effort and care.

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