Fort Lauderdale Police Bust IPhone Theft Ring

Deven Persad and four other Apple Store employees have recently been broken up by the Fort Lauderdale Police, convicted of stealing and selling iphones. Reportedly, the theft ring profited upwards of $500,000.

Persad, 26, was the mastermind behind the ring, planning dinners to discuss the particulars of the scheme. He was a manager of the Apple Store in the Galleria Mall, and coaxed his employees to help him fulfill his plans.

The scheme was first conceived when Persad worked at a Best Buy at the Sawgrass Mills Mall where allegedly Persad got help from Sean Flynn, who had access to the store’s iPhone inventory.

Fort Lauderdale Detective DeAnna Greenlaw explains how the ring managed the operation: “So Sean Flynn, would have this list of serial numbers and then the leader at the Apple Store would have his employees take on any locked phones or stolen phones.” She continues, “They would bring them in to the genius bar at Apple in the Galleria. They would present the phone that should not have been accepted, not exchanged, and they would give them an exchange.”

One of the five employees that were arrested was 44 year old Daniel Scott. During the bond hearing Daniel Scott’s wife, Carolina Scott, begged for his mercy: ““I know for a fact what he did was against the law,” Carolina Scott told the judge. “He only did it because he was desperate because he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.”

The Fort Lauderdale Police are still try to piece all the information together. While they know that the stolen new iphones were sold, they aren’t sure to whom. They suspect another operation has been working alongside the ring.

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