Teen Suspects Crash Their Car Fleeing From Police

Police arrested two Boca Raton burglary suspects after they sped through red lights and hit an SUV while attempting to get away.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, the two suspects, aged 16 and 17, were noticed knocking on doors in a Boca neighborhood. If no one answered the door, they would walk around to the back of the house. A resident on the neighborhood confronted them, causing them to get into their car and speed away.

Police tried to pull the car over, but instead the suspects drove faster, driving through several red lights. Police set up a stop bar on the southbound on ramp for I-95. As the suspects lost control of the vehicle, they hit an SUV on its rear driver's side.

The suspects got out of their car after the tire was too deflated to drive and continued on foot. Police found the 17-year-old suspect in a stairwell. Police also found a screwdriver and window punch nearby. The 16-year-old faces charges of loitering, fleeing and resisting arrest, while his counterpart faces charges of loitering, possession of burglary tools, tampering and obstruction.