Pembroke Pines Man Calls In Fake Machine Gun Threat, Mocks Deputies About Doughnuts

After a Pembroke Pines man allegedly reported a false machine gun threat to a 911 operator, he mocked deputies about doughnuts when they arrived at his home.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, Matthew Murphy, who had been released from prison just last month, went on an apparent drunken bender on Sunday and called 911 to report that his roommate was harassing his girlfriend. Soon after that, Murphy called 911 again and said his roommate had a machine gun and the police needed to get there fast. Upon their arrival, Murphy admitted he didn’t know if there was a machine gun and commented that at least he got the police there. Then he asked if he interrupted their doughnut break.

Additionally, Murphy allegedly threatened to kill his roommate, challenged a female officer to a fist fight and repeatedly called her by a racial slur, threatened to kill a deputy and said that he was going to blow up the sheriff sub-station.