Fake Crashes Lead To Fraud Charges

A Deerfield man is accused of staging car crashes in order to collect insurance money.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, suspicious circumstances surrounding the accidents led to the arrest of Jonathan Gualberto. Detectives believe that Gualberto staged his first crash by giving his car to another man, who then hit another car occupied by acquaintances of Gualberto and Gualberto himself. None of the people involved reported any injuries to Boca Raton police at the time of the crash.

Gualberto and his associates then went to two different clinics. Both clinic had ties to an organized staged-accident ring. The fake crash resulted in four insurance companies paying $127,739 for medical expenses, bodily injury, property damage and attorneys fees.

The second crash occurred when a car containing four passengers was rear ended by a car rented by Gualberto. Delray beach say no injuries were reported at the time of the crash, but the people involved still filed four insurance claims for $78,191.

Gualberto now faces fraud charges. It is unclear if anyone else has been arrested for participation in the fraud.