ATV Theft Foiled After Tire Tracks Lead Cops To Stolen Vehicles

A group of burglars made easy work for detectives when they left a 3-mile long path to their stolen cache of all-terrain vehicles.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, a man reported that three ATVs had been stolen from his fenced in yard. Deputies were able to follow the ATV tracks about three miles to a home in Jupiter, where they found the three ATV parked behind the house. They also found an ATV reported stolen from another home earlier that day.

The ignitions had been damaged so that the vehicles could start without a key. Three people were involved in the thefts, including 18-year-old Billy Ray Southard. Southard admitted his role in the thefts of the ATV along with a 1995 GMC pickup truck, which he had sent pictures of to his friends along with the message, Look what I just picked up.

Southard faces five charges of grand theft auto, two burglary charges and a forgery charge for tampering with the vehicle identification number of the truck.