A Crushed Lunch Leads To A Brutal Beating

The crushing of a Boca Raton city employees lunch led to the brutal beating of a 55-year-old landscaper outside the Boca Raton public library.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, witnesses say the altercation started when landscaper Raul Reynoso, who was working for the city, climbed into the rear seat of a city truck because it had started raining. It was then that Boca Raton Recreation Services Department employee Donell Allison Jr. Found him and accused the landscaper of crushing his lunch.

As the dispute escalated, Allison pushed Reynoso, slammed the truck door on his leg and slammed him head first onto the sidewalk. Despite the heavy rain, officers described the scene as having a large amount of blood on the ground.

Reynoso was taken to the hospital. Allison refused to speak with detectives. He was booked at Palm Beach County Jail. State records show that Allison has at least six previous arrests starting in 2006, including aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and other battery charges.