FAU Student Claims Robbery After Drug Deal Gone Bad

Late Friday, Florida Atlantic University Police reported that a student, Vincent Phillips, claimed he was ambushed by five men near a campus recreation center and forced to drive to a nearby bank to withdraw money. Phillips story, however, was later determined to be false. Police discovered that Phillips had actually been beaten while paying off a drug debt in Broward.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, while some students are grateful that police were able to determine the nature of this crime in a timely manner, some are still concerned that a robbery that took place on October 19 has gone unsolved. Police have been reassuring that the campus is safe. However, although Phillips crime was a false report, FAU police are recommending that students, employees and visitors of the college remain vigilant and aware.

As for Phillips, FAU Police said they would be working with the State Attorney's Office in regards to possible charges against him. They say that false police reports are a serious crime that distracts law enforcement from real investigations. Phillips report also led to unwarranted concern from FAU and the Boca Raton communities.