Corrections Officer Beats 14-Year-Old Boy In Front Of Police.

A corrections officer was arrested after beating a 14-year-old boy in front of deputies, according to an article in the Sun Sentinel.

The boy was reported missing the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Deputies then went to the home of Miguel Fonseca, Jr. and his wife. Fonseca is a GEO Care LLC Corrections Officer at Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center. The wife said the boy left home and stayed out late. Fonseca told deputies he didn't want anything to do with the boy, who he believed belonged in jail. He said the boy disrespected his mother and was s not allowed back home.

The boy called his mother and was then picked up by a deputy. After the boy was brought home, Fonseca pushed him against an SUV and hit him in the face. Deputies had to break up the fight and arrest Fonseca. Paramedics were called to treat the boy.