Car Burglar Tries to Hide Stolen Items in His Underwear

A Fort Lauderdale man accused of stealing items out of vehicles didn’t do a very good job hiding his contraband before being confronted by police.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, Boca Raton police were watching an L.A. Fitness parking lot after two nearby vehicle burglaries when they saw Antwan Mayes driving in a white SUV. Mayes stepped out of his car and began to look into vehicles.

When police later pulled Mayes over, they found marijuana, a light fixture stolen from a car at another gym, several smartphones, jewelry, foreign money and mail from a Coral Springs burglary. Additionally, police spotted several stolen credit cards and a driver’s license sticking out from the front of Mayes’ pants. Mayes had attempted to hide some of the stolen items down his pants, but left the zipper open, exposing the contraband.