Burglary Suspect Tired to Flee on Pink Bike While Carrying Purple Purse

A burglary suspect was apprehended by police after trying to make a getaway while carrying a purple purse and riding a pink bike.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, Deondre Rashad Emerson Jackson of Delray Beach was spotted by police riding west along Lake Ida Road. When police tried to stop him, Jackson took off. The speed, however, was too much for the bicycle, which flipped at the curb. Jackson then took off on foot.

Officers were soon able to stop Jackson and found in his pockets a set of brass knuckles, a screwdriver and a pocketknife. Inside the purple purse were two iPads, a Grand Theft Auto video game and a rosary.

The owner of the home Jackson allegedly broke into said she got home and saw a man matching Jackson’s description run outside carrying her daughter’s purple bag. Jackson denied being at the home and told police he thought they were chasing him due to the ankle monitor he ripped off days earlier. Jackson was booked into Palm Beach County Jail and he being held in lieu of $9,000 bail.