Two Teens Accused of Burglary, Arson

Two teen girls are accused of ransacking a classmate’s house, stealing jewelry and a bong that they carried away in the victim’s pink suitcase and then setting the home on fire.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, the two girls as well as the victim all attended Lantana’a Santaluces Community High School. According to the police report, all four burners on the stove were on high, which caused objects in the kitchen to ignite. Fires had also been set in two of the house’s four bedrooms. In these rooms, dresser drawers had been pulled out and thrown on the ground with their contents spread throughout the rooms.

The older of the two suspects reportedly told another student that she and another girl had stolen things from the home. She also said she found it funny that the fire was being blamed on another student from the school. The classmate that heard this story later recounted it to police. Surveillance footage from a neighboring home showed the two girls walking down the street with the victim’s pink suitcase.

Investigators searching the home of one of the girls found several pieces of jewelry. The owner of the home said he threw out a bong that matched the description of the one stolen. One of the girls accused in the crime had lived with the victim for about a month before moving out earlier this year. The two teenage girls now face arson, burglary and larceny charges.