Teen Accused of Bus Stop Shooting Left Phone at the Scene

The suspect in a bus stop shooting reportedly left his cell phone at the scene.

On November 1, 17-year-old David Barton left home with a change of clothes and a handgun. He planned to settle an ongoing feud with a fellow student. Barton allegedly hid behind a fence 15 feet from the bus stop and fired four rounds, missing his intended target. Instead, a bullet grazed the neck of a 17-year-old girl standing in front of the intended victim. Another bullet went into an apartment where a woman was sleeping.

After the shooting, Barton told friends he was missing his cell phone and needed help looking for it. They went back to the place where the shooting occurred and began their search. Witnesses say they saw Barton jump a fence and disappear into some bushes while wearing gym shorts, a black shirt and sneakers. When he reappeared, he was wearing jeans, a black shirt and sandals.

Investigators found the lost cell phone in the spot where the shooter fired the hand gun. Deputies found Barton at school, where he was questioned. At first, Barton denied being at the scene, but changed his story when asked about the cell phone. He then said he was there and saw a man running from the scene.

Barton was arrested on two counts of attempted murder and firing a handgun into a home. He was charged as an adult and bail was set high because the intended victim and the girl who was wounded feared for their safety.