Pompano Couple Accused of Aggravated Battery

A Pompano couple is accused of beating up three people, including a security guard who was kicked repeatedly after being stunned with his own Taser.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, Daniel Atkinson and Kimberly Fuller were in a verbal disagreement with Thomas Bennett. When Bennett turned to walk away, Atkinson followed him into a restroom and began throwing punches. Bennett was punched in the head and the face before he was thrown against the bathroom stalls, where Bennett cut his head. Atkinson then took Bennetts wallet and cellphone and left.

After Bennett got up and followed Atkinson into a parking lot, he found Fuller beating up his girlfriend, Brittany Eskowitz. Eskowitz fell to the found and Fuller took her cellphone.

Security guard Steven White tried to intervene, and pulled out his Taser. Atkinson punched White in the head, took his Taser, and stunned him. After White fell, Fuller began to kick his face, head and body. Atkinson and Fuller now face charges of aggravated battery and causing bodily harm.