Lake Worth Burglary Suspect Caught After Leaving His Phone At The Scene

A Lake Worth teen is accused of burglarizing a house after he left his cell phone on the kitchen counter. He was tracked down after his mother called him and identified him to police.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, an investigator picked up a ringing phone from the counter and the word Mom appeared on the screen. He asked the woman on the other end who to phone belonged to, to which she replied that it was her son, Derek Codd, 19.

Police found the burglary victim's cell phone at Codd's house and found the victim's shotgun at another abandoned house. A woman with Codd, Kristen Rynearson, 19, had 49 pieces of the victim's wife's jewelry in her purse. Both teens now face multiple charges, including burglary and larceny.