In-Car Audio and Text Messages Implicate Three in Burglary

A conversation between two accused burglars in the back of a patrol car was captured by in-car audio and video, implicating them in the crime.

Stephanie Cortes and Brittney Sanders fled the scene of the burglary in a white Jaguar, Cortes behind the wheel, almost running down a detective in the process. When police caught up to the car, one of their accomplices jumped out and ran away, leaving Cortes and Sanders behind. After being put in the patrol car, they discussed getting their stories straight and telling police that they were carjacked at gunpoint. Cortes told police the man who ran away held her at gunpoint and forced her to drive, not knowing that her previous conversation with Sanders had been recorded.

Also found here texts between Sanders and another person, who was later determined to be Bobby Shorter, who was found fleeing from the burglary scene. All three were booked into Palm Beach County Jail and face charges of burglary and larceny. Cortes also faces charges of assault on a law enforcement officer.