Florida Man Charged with Attempted Identity Theft

An ex-convict who had previously served time for credit card fraud was arrested on Monday and accused of plotting a similar crime.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, Junior Rouzard-Edner, 26, was pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol for weaving in and out of traffic at a speed in excess of 115 mph. During the traffic stop, the officer found a credit card scanner in Rouzard-Edner’s pocket as well as a laptop with a cable that fit the scanner. The officer also found two pieces of paper folded between the seats and the console that had names dates of birth and social security numbers for 76 people.

Rouzard-Edner now faces 79 counts that include attempted identity theft, fraudulent use of a credit card scanning device and altering or forgery of a credit card. The U.S. Secret Service was called in to investigate, so it is possible that Rouzard-Edner will face federal charges as well.