Six Deputies Restrain Man Accused of Pedestrian Violation

A 19-year-old man was arrested following a violent battle with deputies.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, the fight started after a deputy tried to stop Michael Anthony Davis II for a pedestrian violation. The deputy said Davis pushed him, and a second deputy came in for back up. The second deputy saw Davis screaming and thrashing around.

Before deputies could place him in handcuffs, Davis swung hims arms wildly, even after he was kneed in the stomach. Davis head butted a deputy and then dug his nails into the arm of another before biting the deputy’s hand. It took six police officers to get handcuffs and nile restraints onto Davis.

Even while he was restrained, Davis managed to break a rear-facing camera on the Sheriff’s Officer cruiser and crack a passenger side floor divider, causing $1,200 worth of damage to the car. Davis was taken in Lakeside Medical Center, where he fought medics who tried to treat him.

Records show that Davis has at least two prior arrests for aggravated battery and disorderly conduct. He now faces six counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest and one count of criminal mischief.