Man Driving While High On Compressed Air Crashes In Parking Lot

A man who was driving while high on compressed air plowed through some bushes before crashing into three parked cars at a TGI Friday's parking lot on Monday.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, Andrew Ecker, 23, passed out after huffing a compressed air can, and then drove over the sidewalk, through the bushes and into the parked cars. An officer found Ecker in the driver's seat of the still-running vehicle, which had the airbag deployed.

Even though he refused medical attention, Ecker was taken to Bethesda Memorial Hospital because officers feared he had a head injury. Ecker also refused to submit to a chemical test after being asked twice. Under the driver's seat of his BMW, police found the compressed air can. Ecker's driver's license was currently suspended due to an unpaid traffic ticket.

Ecker faces charges inhaling a harmful chemical substance and driving on a suspended license.