Two Would-Be Vigilantes Accuse Innocent Man Of Theft, Chase Him With Car And Bat

A Royal Palm Beach man was confronted by two would-be vigilantes who believed he had broken into their car. According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, Connie Kalish and and Anthony Perez tried to run him down with a car and chased him with a baseball bat. However, the man was innocent.

Kalish and Perez tried to block the man in with their car, but the man tried to drive away. As they continued to chase the man, he got out of his car and tried to run away. Kalish pursued him in her car and the man had to hide in some bushes to call 911. Then, Kalish took the man’s wallet and keys from his car.

When asked by deputies why they chased the man, Kalish responded that it was because the police never catch criminals. Kalish faces charges of burglary and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Perez faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment.