Murder Suspect Killed By Police In Shootout

A murder suspect was killed by police in a shootout at an Oakland Park hotel.

The fugitive task force tracked Henry Kiner, 27, a suspect in the August 11 slaying of Corey Pratter, to the Days Inn on W. Oakland Park Blvd. When they saw the black pick-up truck he was driving apparently trying to leave the property, they suspected Kiner was inside and tried to block the truck from leaving. Kiner, however, was dressed in camouflage and hiding on the hotel's second floor when he used a shotgun to open fire on the task force.

The task force returned fire and Kiner was killed. One hotel resident suffered a gunshot wound to his arm and one deputy hurt his shoulder while diving for cover. The driver of the truck, Junior Fletcher, was arrested on a possession of marijuana charge and it is still unknown if he played a role in the shootout.