Dania Beach Man Turns Closet Into Arsenal

A Dania Beach man, 39-year-old Jason D. Simione was arrested and charged with seeking a hit man to kill his wife and her family, abusing his 9-month-old son and threatening to discharge a destructive device.

According to an article in the Sun Sentinel, a detective described Simione as an alpha male survivalist. Simione had transformed his walk-in closet into an arsenal that contained food, water, antibiotics, first-aid supplies, a survival book and many fully loaded firearms.

Detectives also found in his home an injectable, over-the-counter performance-enhancing drug designed for racehorses. Simione's co-workers said that since his split from his wife, he had been injecting steroids and had become aggressive, paranoid and delusional. Police, however, stated that although Simione seems to have emotional problems stemming from his divorce and the use of steroids, they don't want to make him look like a homegrown terrorist.