1If you have been convicted of a serious crime in South Florida, it may not necessarily be a final conviction. If you feel that your conviction was unjust or unfair, you can try to get your conviction and sentencing appealed with the help of a Post Conviction Relief Defense Attorney In Florida.

There are several options in Florida for post-conviction remedies for those convicted of a crime. Our South Florida post conviction attorneys at the Law Office of A Randall Haas have helped clients to file post-conviction petitions, appeals, and federal habeas corpus petitions. We can be your South Florida post conviction representation at parole hearings and defend you from probation violation allegations.

You may have grounds for an appeal if you have been wrongly or unjustly convicted of a crime in Florida. A. Randall Haas is an experienced South Florida post conviction relief attorney with a track record of success in achieving post-conviction relief. He can petition to have a higher court review your conviction based on misconduct by a prosecutor or juror, legal mistakes, mistakes in procedure, or incompetent or improper trial attorney representation. He can also file an appeal for a lower sentence if legal mistakes were made in your case.

Attorney Haas has not only provides South Florida post conviction representation to clients in Florida courts, but he also handles federal habeas corpus petitions that concern violations of constitutional rights. After a direct appeal in a state court has been denied, call the Law Office of A. Randall Haas for help filing a federal habeas petition.