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Being accused of a crime typically makes people sick to their stomach with worry.

  • Will I go to jail?
  • What happens if I’m convicted?
  • Can an attorney really help me get my case dismissed or charges reduced?

Having worked on thousands of cases involving every crime imaginable, there is virtually no situation that I have not come across at one time or another. I have defended clients accused of crimes ranging from first degree murder to possession of marijuana for personal use. Even though the facts of your particular case might seem unique to you, it is very likely that I have defended many people with similar, if not identical, circumstances to yours.

What I Can Tell You Is:

  • Suspected or arrested may not mean prosecuted or convicted
  • You should treat ANY criminal charge, no matter how minor it seems to you, with the utmost seriousness
  • Even the lowest level criminal charge can haunt you for life if you don’t have the right lawyer protecting your rights in court
  • Some cases that look doomed turn out great. Other cases that seem to be a “sure thing” might turn out badly.

You need a skilled and experienced defense attorney on your side to level the playing field. With the right attorney representing you, often times it is possible to secure a reduction, and sometimes even a dismissal, of your charges. Although I am located in southern Florida, I am able to travel throughout the entire state in order to represent a client in need of representation whether in state or federal court.

Contact me immediately, day or night, so that we can discuss your situation and I can begin to assist you in resolving your legal matters.

We will discuss the answers to these questions:

  • What are your legal rights?
  • What is the process and the resolution of your case?
  • What’s the game plan to your defense?
  • What is the cost involved with representation? What can a conviction cost me?

Looking forward to hearing what happened and putting your mind at ease within minutes after your call.

A. Randall Haas, Esq.
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Criminal Trial Lawyer In Florida

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Florida’s criminal justice system has its own rules, players, and specific ways of operating. Because of my close to three decades of experience, both on the front lines while serving as a public defender for thirteen years and in private practice for the past fifteen years, , I have gotten to know Florida’s…inside and out. Not having an attorney familiar with the courts in which he or she is practicing places you at a tremendous disadvantage and at risk of serious and often-times irreversible consequences.

Why? Because when you are accused of a crime…you will be up against the police and the prosecutor, both with the single goal of securing a criminal conviction. Often times, you will find yourself in front of judge that seems genuinely intent on assisting the police and the prosecutors in reaching this goal. Every one of the individuals working to see you convicted know the system from working within it every day of their lives.

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How Can An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Like Randall Haas Help Me To Fight The Accusations Against Me In A System Where The Odds Seem Stacked Against Me???

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Florida at the Law Office of Randall Haas have the skills to win at both the negotiating table and in the courtroom. I’m never afraid to take your case in front of a judge and jury if that’s where I’ll find the best solution. Your opponents already know of my expertise at criminal and DUI litigation, which often gives us an immediate advantage at the negotiating table- they’ll offer you a better deal right away, because they don’t want to face me in court. Other, less experienced lawyers may often be seen as afraid to take their cases to a courtroom, but I prepare every case with a judge and jury in mind.

Call today at 954-763-9211 or contact us online for an initial consultation of your case.

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Client Testimonials

We hired Randall Haas to handle our son’s arrest, which included representation in court. He took the time to explain in detail the nature of the legal proceedings that we would likely encounter and the legal strategy and options at our disposal..”

“Mr. Haas provided me with effective legal representation after false allegations led to my arrest. He effectively dealt with the clearly perjured statements made against me, and the negligent, implicitly biased investigation by the Broward Sheriffs Office detective..”

Been using Mr haas since 09 wouldn’t use anyone else. Has helped me through all my criminal cases, he’s a beast in the courtroom



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