duiaDiscuss Your Dui Criminal Appeal With An Experienced Lawyer

It may be possible for someone who has been convicted for a Florida DUI to appeal the decision and overturn the original conviction. The first step in this process is to speak with a Florida DUI appellate attorney who is experienced in the appeals process and who will study every aspect of your trial to find court errors.

To learn more about your appeals options and explore your constitutional rights, call an experienced Florida DUI appellate lawyer from the Law Office of A. Randall Haas. We have served clients in Florida who have been convicted of DUIs and have exercised their rights in a court of appeal since 1986. We will discover any errors that contributed to your conviction and set them straight in appellate court.

Guidelines For Florida State And Federal Dui Appeals

There are many guidelines and deadlines that we will need to follow and meet for drunk driving offenses. You must file your notice of appeal by a preset deadline for both state and federal appeals. Otherwise, the appellate court won’t consider your appeal.

If you feel that there may be an error in your trial court case, or you DUI defense was not clear, it may be prudent to speak with a DUI appellate defense attorney in Florida before the court hands down the original sentence. The trial court should be given the chance to right the error before the final judgment, and I can help you and your trial counsel in confirming the error will be measured for appeal.