Our criminal defense lawyers in Florida have extensive experience defending persons accused of state and federal fraud cases. If you need representation of a white collar crime including those involving the Internet or computer crimes, seek the legal representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney from our offices.

White collar crimes require a firm defense early in the case. In order to develop an effective defense strategy our Florida white collar crimes defense attorneys will work with your patiently to understand the circumstances of your case. We will work hard to defend your case long before we step foot in the court room. Through our experience, we have found that the most effective defense often occurs in the earliest stages of the case, before formal charges are even filed.

What is a white collar crime?

White collar crimes are among the most common crimes in the American courts. These crimes can happen to anyone, money can be hard to come by. Most often, those charged with white collar crimes are smart people who are just going through a tough time. Our white collar crime defense lawyers in Florida understand your case, we realize that your freedom and rights need to be protected during this stressful time. We are ready to represent your in all financial crime and fraud cases; we are experienced representing cases, including:

  • Credit card theft
  • Money laundering
  • Insurance and health care fraud
  • Bank or mortgage fraud
  • Perjury or obstruction of justice
  • Internet scams, computer hacking, internet theft of information
  • Identity theft
  • Possession of child pornography and computer sex crimes

Evidence that is gained in these cases might be obtained by the federal or state government illegally and could be a violation of your constitutional rights. Our goal in all cases of fraud and financial crimes is the reduction, elimination or dismissal of your charges before reaching the courtroom for trial.