If you are facing Florida child molestation charges, both your freedom and reputation are at stake. Not many crimes carry the social stigma that child molestation does, and the stigma can permanently harm you even before your trial has started. A sex crime conviction would change your life forever in the worst way.

Fortunately, the Florida criminal lawyers at the Law Office of A. Randall Haas are here to protect you in the criminal justice system. I am an experienced Fort Lauderdale sex offender lawyers who has handled all sexual offense charges on both the state and federal levels. I work hard to protect the rights and freedoms of my clients, and you will have a sense of confidence as you take me on as your defense attorney.


At the Law Office of A. Randall Haas, our child molestation attorneys in Florida provide criminal defense for a variety of child sex crimes, including:

  • Child Molestation
  • Child Pornography And Internet Sex Crimes
  • Unlawful Sexual Activity With A Minor
  • Luring Or Enticing A Child
  • Sexual Battery
  • Solicitation Of A Minor
  • Lewd Or Lascivious Acts In The Presence Of A Minor

Florida child molestation cases should be taken very seriously by all involved. However, no one deserves to be unfairly convicted of a child sex crime that he or she did not commit. It is not uncommon for another parent to encourage a child to wrongfully accuse the other parent of child molestation in a divorce or custody battle. In other cases, a child may exaggerate or fabricate events in order to get attention. I will responsibly and thoroughly investigate the claims of child molestation and dig for facts and evidence that will support you. To instill confidence in your defense, hire a Florida child molestation defense lawyer from the Law Office of A. Randall Haas.


If you or a loved one is facing charges for child molestation in Florida,  take your defense into your own hands by hiring an experienced Florida child molestation defense lawyer from the Law Office of A. Randall Haas. Our skilled child molestation attorneys in Florida Florida will fight their hardest to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. Call 954 763 9211 and schedule your initial consultation with a Florida child molestation lawyer today.