Have you been charged with carrying a weapon illegally? You need the help of a Florida criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights in this difficult time.  In the state of Florida weapons charges can vary depending on the type of weapon, the intended purpose as well as the previous criminal charges on the defendant’s record. Regardless if this is your first weapons charge or not, these charges in the state of Florida often carry minimum mandatory sentences which can increase in severity when linked to other charges such as violent crimes and drug offenses.

At the Law Office of A. Randall Hass, our weapons defense lawyers in Florida have represented defendants in a number of cases. We will aggressively represent our clients and increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Weapons Charges in the State of Florida

Weapons charges in the state of Florida can be brought about, not just through the use and possession of knives and guns. Other devices with the potential to cause harm to other may be labeled as weapons as well. The Florida criminal defense lawyers at A. Randall Hass have experience representing a number of cases, including:

  • Possession of stolen or unlawful weapons
  • Possesion of altered or defaced weapons
  • Illegal sales of weapons
  • Illegal concealed carry of weapons
  • Armed robbery involving a weapon
  • Aggravated assault involving a weapon and other weapons-related offenses

To avoid minimum mandatory sentences in Florida you need aggressive representation that will explore all possible errors in your case and weaken the case of the district attorney. The weapons defense lawyers in Florida at A. Randall Hass will look at how evidence was obtained and if law enforcement acted illegally in your case.