Your life can be forever affected by a mark on your criminal record. A Florida expungement lawyer can help you to get your record sealed or expunged to clear your future. Your criminal record could potentially hurt your chances of getting and keeping a job, acquiring a loan, or renting an apartment. It is not uncommon to make a mistake. Many hard working citizens with good intentions make a mistake in the form of a crime. However, our criminal justice system allows us to make up for a crime through jail time, prison time, fines, and service. Once a person has paid his or her time, it is time for them to get on with life and move forward. This is very difficult to do with a Florida criminal record. This is the reason that many former offenders chose to petition to seal or expunge their criminal records. However, the process to get your record expunged is not an easy one. A skilled Florida expungement attorney can help you successfully navigate through the sealing or expunging process to protect your future.

Not everyone who commits a crime in Florida is a “career criminal”, and the Florida sealing lawyers at The Law Offices of A. Randall Haas understand that. This is why our Florida expungement attorneys work hard to obtain an order to seal or expunge criminal records for our clients. We will work hard to get your record clean so that you can start fresh.

Sealing a criminal record is not the same as an expungement. Sealing a record only restricts access to the records, while expunging removes your criminal history from your record entirely. No matter whether you decide to seal or expunge your record, you must follow the requirements laid out by the Florida Statues and Rules of Procedure. You must first obtain a certificate of eligibility. Once you have obtained this certificate, you must go through the process of sealing or expunging. From here, the success of your expungement or sealing will be determined by the factors involving your case.