Criminal Appeals Defense Attorney A. Randall Haas


Appeals are generally available to anyone convicted of a crime. However, you cannot appeal your case if you accepted a plea bargain. To determine your appeals rights, it is important to speak with an experienced Florida appeals lawyer as soon as possible. A. Randall Haas is a Florida criminal appeals defense attorney who represents clients convicted of any and all crimes in appellate court. He will order the trial transcript and review each element to find grounds for appealing the verdict or sentence. Such grounds include:

  • Constitutional Rights Violations
  • Improper Introduction Of Evidence Restricted From Trial
  • Improper Rulings On Motions, Objections, And Other Matters
  • Counsel That Failed To Represent You Fully And Competently
  • Hostile Conduct Of The Prosecutor

Unfortunately, new evidence that has surfaced after the trial cannot be introduced in your criminal appeal. However, our Florida criminal appeals defense lawyers have strategies to use evidence not approved by the jury to appeal a criminal conviction sentence.

Once you have hired a Florida appeals lawyer from the Law Offices of A Randall Haas, your lawyer will submit your case transcripts and trial exhibits to the Appellate Court for review. He will then construct a legal argument for an appeal and create a comprehensive brief analyzing the facts of your case in relation to the laws surrounding it. We have an extensive history in appeals, and our lawyers know how to effectively craft an appellate brief and present it to the Appellate Division or the Court of Appeals.

If your trial proceedings were unfair or improper and you believe that you have cause for an appeal, contact Florida criminal appeals defense attorney A. Randall Haas. He can give you a good idea of whether or not you have grounds for an appeal, and if you do he can provide a sound argument to strategically appeal your criminal conviction. Contact us today to start constructing your criminal appeal case.

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