Holding Yourself Captive: Perceptions of Custody During Interviews and Interrogations

Police custody activates important legal safeguards. To determine custody, courts examine objective conditions and ask whether a “reasonable person” would feel free to leave while being questioned. In Study 1, student participants were either interviewed or interrogated about a staged theft they believed to be real. Interviews and interrogations embodied specific factors considered noncustodial or […]

Find out how Mexican journalist avoided iPhone spyware hack

WASHINGTON – Mysterious text messages had been popping up on Mexican investigative journalist Rafael Cabrera’s iPhone but he didn’t take the bait. The messages contained links which if clicked upon, would have turned his phone into a surveillance tool, similar to a digital ankle bracelet, that would transmit his every move, email, and contact list […]

Car Thief Shoots Man In Stomach In Northwest Miami-Dade

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A robbery case is under investigation by the police in which a man was shot by a thief who stole his motor vehicle overnight in northwest Miami-Dade County. 26-year-old Lazaro Manuel Arencibia saw that his gray 2009 Ford Fusion had been stolen from their home so he went out in search […]

Texas District Judge Elizabeth E. Coker resigns after being caught texting instructions to prosecutors to help win convictions

Texas district Judge Elizabeth E. Coker stepped down from the bench after she was found engaging in a massive act of distortion of justice. It was found that Corker was texting instructions to prosecutors suggesting ways on how they can secure a conviction at court. According to a voluntary agreement with the State Commission on […]

Escape of 21-year-old murder suspect from Broward County courtroom was likely ‘pre-planned’

On Saturday, Sheriff Scott Israel told that the escape of 21-year-old Dayonte Omar Resiles from a Browrad County courtroom on Friday seems “pre-planned.” Resiles was accused of murdering 59-year-old Jill Halliburton Su in the month of September 2014. He stabbed the victim during a burglary at her Davie home. Dayonte Omar Resiles disappeared from the […]

22-Year-Old Man Shot And Killed In A Miami-Dade Police-Involved Shooting

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – On Thursday, 22-year-old Kentrill Carraway was shot and killed by a Miami-Dade police detective in northwest Miami-Dade County. Detective Marjorie Eloi told that the shooting happened around 4 p.m. at the Northwest 76th Street and Northwest 20th Avenue. Carraway was transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital immediately but was pronounced dead at […]

Supreme Court Eases Rules For Illegal Stops

WASHINGTON – On Monday, in a 5-3 ruling, the Supreme Court relaxed the so-called exclusionary rule by giving police more power to stop people on the streets and question them. The decision gives police more leeway to stop pedestrians and “fish for evidence,” even if they have done nothing wrong. The 5-3 ruling also upheld […]