A Randall Haas is a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, specialized in sex crime charges, child abuse, molestation, and other criminal charges.

At the Law Office of A. Randall Haas in Fort Lauderdale, we represent clients on sex crime charges ranging from rape or sexual battery to lewd and lascivious conduct or online solicitation of a minor. For a free initial consultation with an experienced South Florida criminal defense lawyer, contact our office in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

We’ll carefully examine the charges and evidence against you and prepare an aggressive attack on the prosecution’s case. When necessary, we can perform an independent investigation or engage forensic experts to challenge either the physical evidence or the psychological condition of the alleged witness – whatever makes best strategic sense under the facts of your particular case.

With twenty years of criminal trial experience, Fort Lauderdale sex crimes defense attorney Randall Hass can represent you on such charges as:

  • Rape, sexual battery, or capital sexual battery cases where the victim is under 12 years of age
  • Date rape, acquaintance rape, spousal rape, and other sex offenses where a consent defense appears likely
  • Child sex abuse and molestation charges
  • Child pornography
  • Statutory rape, or consensual sex with a person between 16 and 18 years old

We also represent persons in civil forfeiture proceedings related to solicitation of prostitution, child pornography on home or office computers, or Internet solicitation of a minor.

Often, individuals who have been prosecuted for sex crimes in the past are required to register in the communities in which they live or move to. A common sex crime defense situation we can handle involves persons charged with failure to register as sex offenders, or who are accused otherwise of Florida sex offender registry violations.

Contact the Fort Lauderdale Law Office of A. Randall Haas for additional information about our ability to provide effective client service in a sex crime case.

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